Admission Criteria

All children who are enrolled by their parents* are welcome at our school providing the following admission criteria (set by the Dutch government) are met:

  • The child has a nationality other than Dutch and at least one of the parents works in The Netherlands for ‘a certain period of time’ (this period is not set but should be convincingly demonstrated) or;
  • The child has the Dutch nationality and was educated abroad for a period of at least two years, because at least one of the parents worked abroad for a certain period of time, or;
  • The child has the Dutch nationality and at least one of the parents will be working abroad in the foreseeable future for at least two years, as confirmed in writing by an employer’s statement. The child will live abroad with this parent.
  • Please note that children can start their formal education at our school at age 4.

*By parents we understand parents, guardians or caregivers

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