Our Team

We have a dedicated working team that will grow with the school.

Left to right, back row: Kyril Herkelman (Custodian), Georgia (Class 1), Lindie van Jaarsveld (Class 6), Rodette van Dunné (Principal), Helen Claus (Learning Support Coordinator), Sarah Mann (Admissions/Administration Coordinator), Kim Meertins (Safety/Absence Coordinator), Evridiki Liaskou (Kindergarten), Victor Ray (Class 4), Kranthi Daddanala (Kindergarten Assistant).

Left to right, font row: Tristan Cozens (Class 2 and 3), Caroline Kaptein (Class 3), Anne Oberhofer (Eurythmy and Handwork), Katarina Ročić Čmarec (Kindergarten), Jocelyn Roy (Kindergarten), Paulus van Veen (PR Marketing/Admissions), Serena Hillenaar (Dutch), Lisbeth Pao (Class 2).

If you have a Waldorf background and would like to join us, please send your CV and letter and we’ll be in touch.

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The International Waldorf School of The Hague is a non-profit international primary school with a distinct educational vision. Engagement with societal developments in sustainability, peace, justice and well-being plays a key role in shaping our educational programme.