School regulations exist to ensure that each child experiences a safe and happy environment at school.

This means that we expect a certain kind of behaviour from each member of the community. Respect for one another, each other's background and personal belongings are a few of the most important things in a community. At our school, we support each other in our words and actions and work together. Each person is valuable and we appreciate every individual's strengths and weaknesses, talents and challenges. We care about each other's physical and emotional safety and we listen and communicate in a respectful way. In order to facilitate this, each class has their own set of rules according to the needs and developmental stage of the class.

Here is a list of rules we follow on the playground:

1. Play safely, do not force people to move.

2. Use words to communicate. Keep your feet and hands to yourself.

3. Stay within sight of a teacher (ask permission to go out of sight).

4. Line up quickly when the bell rings.

5. Care for the playground equipment and clean up together.

6. Use ropes safely. No tying ropes on playground equipment or bodies.

7. No throwing objects other than balls.

8. Walk with sticks and spades.

9. Stay off bikes and scooters during school hours (even your own).

For formal regulations, please see Chapter 10 in our school guide.


Protocol for Time-Out, Suspension and Expulsion

Click here for our Protocol for Time-Out, Suspension and Expulsion.

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