Lunch in Class 1-6

In Classes 1 and up, children bring their own lunch, snack and water bottles. The meals should be healthy and without processed foods like chips or cookies.

Lunch in Kindergarten

The school provides the meals for the kindergarten.

During the first half of the morning, and in the afternoon, the children are given a snack, which can be fruit, vegetables, mixed nuts (no peanuts), dried fruit or a cracker.

We also prepare lunch together.  Depending on the day, we bake bread or make soup or another warm meal. All kindergarten meals are biodynamic and vegetarian. If a child has any dietary requirements, we try to provide for an alternative, if possible. If this is not possible, we ask parents to provide a separate lunch for their child.


Children bring their own lunchBaked breadRice or pasta with vegetablesEach class has their own menu; sandwiches or rice with vegetablesSoup with rice or corn crackers



"Tomorrow is my birthday!" is always expressed with so much joy.

We all know how important a child's birthday is. Therefore, we invite you to send a healthy treat to school to share with the class. Please consult with your child's class teacher about allergies and special dietary requirements in your child's class.

Do you have a delicious recipe for a healthy treat? Send us a photo:

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