If your child is sick or expected to be late due to appointments outside of school, please report their absence via Parro. In Parro, use the "Report Absence" section and provide the reason for their lateness or absence.

If your child will be out for more than one day and you have already reported their absence on the first day, you do not have to repeat this process on the days that follow. The teacher will register your child as "better" on the day they return to school.

Time-off outside vacations

Parents of children who are bound by the law on compulsory education (applies to all children 5 years and older) are obliged to adhere to the set holiday periods. Taking extra time off, going on extended vacations, or going on holiday during school time is not permitted. This is explained in the law on compulsory education. Sometimes an exception may be made, see absence policy. You can submit your request for absence by filling in the request-for-absence form. A request for absence should be made at least 6 weeks in advance of the requested absence.

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