Suitable education 

Under Dutch law, all schools are responsible for providing suitable education to every child that is admitted to that school. By saying ‘suitable education’, we mean that every child receives the education that he or she needs to flourish and grow. The central question is, “what are the child’s needs?” and not “what are the child’s limitations”. Children differ in attitude and abilities. Within the Waldorf approach, the developmental stage is the guiding principle.  

Sometimes suitable education requires more support than what can regularly be provided by the teachers in the classroom. In such cases, we provide additional learning support. 

If the additional learning support provided by the school is not sufficient and special education is required (think of chronic learning disorders or medical conditions), we consult with external institutions to ensure that the child is provided with the appropriate support. 


Care Structure

In our Care Structure, we explain the formal procedures for providing additional learning support.  

School Support Profile (2023-24)

In our School Profile, we further explain what our possibilities for additional support are. 

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